This extension allows to change layout and styles of your Ninja Forms within your WordPress admin. Start creating beautiful and responsive layouts without any programming knowledge today!

Please note that this plugin is rather an extension to the  Ninja Forms plugin, so make sure you have it  activated. Once you activate the Layout Master Extension you'll notice that two new tabs will appear in the contact forms' settings panel:

The extension allows you to:

  • Create 100% responsive forms using build in visual layout and styles editor.
  • Use drag-n-drop to create up to 4 column form layouts.
  • Easily style form elements including input boxes, labels, and wrappers.
  • Style Ninja Forms success and error messages.
  • Remove Fields marked with a * are required message.
  • Export and import your forms across the blogs with styles intact.
  • Set custom CSS class to use default theme styling or use;
  • Custom CSS editor to create your own custom form styles.
  • Get free automatic updates.
1. Layout tab

You can select the number of the columns and create different form's layouts using the Drag & Drop functionality:

2. Styles tab

The Styles tab contains 8 sub-tabs each of them allowing you to give a quick and easy styling to your forms via the admin panel.

2.1. General Settings:

2.2. Form:

2.3. Form Success Message:

2.4. Form Error Message:

2.5. Form Labels:

2.6. Form Fields:

2.7. Form Submit Button:

2.8. Custom CSS